Assistent Stylist, 2011-2012
London, United Kingdom

Unconditional London

London's UNCONDITIONAL started as a capsule collection of mens knitwear and jersey, in Soho, London in 2003. Mens knitwear was soon joined by a women's collection after women started to shop the mens collection. UNCONDITIONAL was shown on the official London Fashion Week schedule for 8 seasons and multiple seasons in New York, Shanghai and Amsterdam. The first UNCONDITIONAL standalone store opened in London next to the Covent Garden Hotel in 2008. UNCONDITIONAL is said to be very London in its attitude yet with an ease and understated simplicity sometimes described as quite 'American'. The backbone of each collection remains a unique range of ‘luxury basics’ with an overlay of more special pieces.

Favouring a relaxed style, UNCONDITIONAL is often mildly androgynous. UNCONDITIONAL has established its own feeling of a modern elegance with a dash of pure rock ’n’ roll – pieces that are uncompromising in their attention to detail with high quality fabrications. We have from the very beginning alway sought out and favoured pure, ethically produced fabrics and yarns. We also like to give fabrics and pieces "second lives" often through cold dyeing and recycling. Each collection morphs from the last, an ongoing but continuous story. Clean, strong silhouettes are always intentionally quite sexy, often balancing a signature of drape set against structured, architectural tailoring, providing an overall aesthetic that has gained the brand a loyal customer base and a cult celebrity following. We cater for a client base with a particular mindset rather than an age bracket ; they start from early teens and go well into their 80's - most notably including 'regulars' the actors Sir Ian Mckellen (80 this year) and Amanda Barrie (83)