Claudia Sträter

AUG 2021: designer, light wovens / jerseys, amsterdam, the netherlands

Designer light weight wovens & jerseys, from August 2021 till now, in Amsterdam.

Claudia Sträter is one of the longest still continuing brands in the Netherlands, with a rich history of simple, yet striking and modern collections.
I’ve started here in August of 2021 and have been designing the light weight wovens and jerseys – all light and flowy dresses, tops, t-shirts, with sometimes sweats and heavier punto milano’s as well.

Summing up my main activities here; I’ve been designing soft woven’s (blouses, dresses, skirts) and soft jerseys (tops, t-shirts, dresses), starting with the fabric selection (like sourcing at international fabric conventions), and doing the fittings of my proto’s and Showroom Samples.